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Let’s face it we all seem to be leading busier lives these days which means we would sometimes rather bury our head in the sand, than bear the thought of the dusting! We also seem to accumulate a large array of new possessions like Plasma TV’s, Laptop computers, Plantation shutters, furniture, artwork etc etc which are inherently difficult and time consuming to dust!

Of course there are loads more like Pollen, Mold Spores, Pet Danter, Insect Excreta and General Industrial Pollution, however the 3 main components by volume are Deadskin Cells, Dust Mites and Microscopic Fibres.
We all aspire to a clean family home or workplace, however for others a dust free environment is essential, especially if you suffer from Allergies, Skin Problems or are Asthmatic.  Scientific studies of dust allergy patients have shown that taking steps to minimise the dust and mite exposure in your home or work environment leads to a decrease in allergic symptoms and a decrease in medical requirements.

Image of a dust mite - Use Embassy Ostrich Feather Dusters to remove dust from your home and officeThe house dust mite is a cosmopolitan guest of our environment, wherever you find humans you will find dust mites, often referred to as HDM (house dust mite). Our microscopic guests munch there way through Dead skin cells, and more or less any organic matter that is available.


a. 60% of allergy attacks  in the home  are caused by dust mites.

b.  Allergic reactions are mostly caused by their droppings not the mites themselves.

c. Allergens produced by the dust mite are among the most common triggers of asthma. There are at least 15 mite allergens.



A few tips from us on the correct method of dusting.

Regular dusting and vacuuming are paramount to controlling dust in your home. Working on the principle that when dusting, stray dislodged dust becomes airborne and falls to the ground, one would start at the highest point and work down. We would suggest starting with chandeliers or light fittings using one of our Extendible Floss Dusters to gently remove the dust. Working outwards from your light fitting towards the coving, again an Extendible Floss is great for running round coving and down vertical corners of the room removing cob webs and dust.

Next we would recommend using one of our long handled Butler's Choice Dusters for mirrors, pictures and clocks, etc. for gently removing dust from hard to reach places. Following down the wall we next come to windows, coverings and shutters most people put off cleaning their blinds and window coverings until the very last moment because these window treatments are considered to be one of the hardest items to clean, however this is a common misconception, dusting shutters and blinds should be trouble free as long as these items are dusted regularly it shouldn't require more than a few passes to remove any fresh dust. It's really just down to common sense, if a wooden venetian in a kitchen has been exposed to deep fat frying, steam and splashes of food, water next to the sink, it will obviously be left with a sticky residue which will need to be removed before a dusting programme can be implemented.

For window dressings we recommend a medium length Black Male Duster, because of the stringy nature of these feathers they make light work of dusting window blinds and plantation shutters. Next we come to furniture and electrical items, eg. plasma TV's, computer and hi-fi equipment, for this we would recommend our short Butler's Choice Ultra Floss Duster, this duster has shorter feathers and is perfectly suited for the above items.

Nik-naks, ornaments and collectables, for these we would recommend our short  Butler's Choice Black Male Feather Duster, these Dusters are also great for dusting exceptionally delicate items including plants, grand pianos, violins and other similar items.

Radiators, heating vents and ducts, some of these items can be inherently difficult to dust and we would recommend one of our Value Range Dusters, these are a low cost option and in the worst case scenario you manage to break a feather it's not the end of the world. A broken feather doesn't necessarily require a new duster as these feathers can be snipped where the feather meets the handle enabling the duster to be used as normal, however, one must be very carful removing feathers to ensure that no sharp edges are exposed which may damage a finished surface.

If you have double skinned radiators you may require to push a duster between the gap behind the radiator and the wall, perhaps around tight pipe work or even around dust covers etc, our low cost Value Range Dusters use a lower grade feather which is more pointy by nature and because of their low cost are ideal for doing more robust dusting where you wouldn't want to use your best duster.

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